Tuesday Tips


Today’s Topic: Don’t forget the leftovers!

Use your leftover batting scraps (with scrim binder – stabilizer) for use in new craft projects.

Your batting leftovers are perfect for creating soft sculptures. Batting can be easily dyed using kool-aid or various types of store-bought permanent dyes to get your desired color. The sculpture will have the softness of the batting partnered with the stability of the scrim binder which provides enough strength to hold pieces together in the wash. Fiber flowers are a great place to start!

Other ideas:
– Try mixing your dyed batting remnants with dyed wool to use in folk art applique.
– Keep your batting’s natural color and use it to make miniature snowmen for cute holiday-themed decorations.
– Cut out geometrical shapes from your dyed batting remnants, arrange in a cluster and sew to craft a fashion forward bib necklace.

Batting lends great texture to any project.

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We hope you enjoyed this Tuesday’s Tips! For any additional questions, send us an email or leave a comment below!


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